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The Tree of Life on the banks of the River of Life in God’s Garden

Tree of life with the water of the river of life flowing under on both banks.
Revelation 22:1-2. Mark Hewitt 2007. Pastel & Acrylic.
The garden is full of eucalyts. The tree fruits 12 times a year, the fruit being quondong (australian native fruit)

Due to parallels in the message of Jesus Christ and the Tree of Life, Christian thought over the centuries has equated the Tree of Life with the Cross of Christ and Jesus himself. The Tree of Life is eternal and brings life globally and individually, as does Jesus Christ. The Tree of Life was there at the beginning (Genesis) and is there at the end/coming age/messianic age/new world (Revelation). The Tree of Life is the source of food (life) and healing in the new world, coming age. It is a source of hope. These are all theological concepts that Christians believe Christ to be.

By its description, as a part of apocalyptic writing, the Tree of Life remains mysterious, part of a deeper truth and wisdom. The Tree of Life may be referring to Jesus or be part of a wider wisdom. As it is a part of God’s mystery I don’t think we can ever be sure and it doesn’t really matter. The image of hope and of God’s desire that humanity be healed, at peace, and with full life is consistent with the image of the Tree of Life and in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Both are congruent messages of life and of fullness to come.

The Tree of Life is one of many ways God wishes love to be shown to humanity.