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  1. Steve Mallee

    Hi Mark, you certainly are a mixed media visual artist! The stencil cut-out, Archangel Gabriel and Tree of Life are very nice pieces. I really like the boys board! It must be quite satisfying being able to blend your art/craft with your faith.
    This is a website I think you’ll appreciate as the artists as all artist do have a real passion for their craft but also reflects their , I guess their take on the world, which is always refreshing.
    After viewing this site over the last few months,I came up with this comment…. I think its mine, “Creativity is infinite, you just have to be clever enough to think of something new!”
    PS Those fingers look fine (-:

  2. Sil Hein

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing some of your beautiful artwork. I really like the ‘Chaplaincy is being church in the world ‘ sculpture. It is now my screen saver…its very beautiful and inspiring.

  3. Mary Jo Bradshaw

    As I understand your copyright information, it would be o.k. to use your image “When the Day of Pentecost Came” for a Power Point sermon illustration and to post it on our website when I share the sermon. If I am mistaken, please let me know by May 16, 2013. Otherwise, the credit on both the screen and the website will read “When the day of Pentecost came. Mark A Hewitt, Pastel & pen. 26 May 2012” and there will be a hyperlink on the image to I hope to use the image on May 19, 2013. Obviously, if at any point you tell me NOT to post your work on our website I will take it down immediately. Thanks for putting it out there for the world to enjoy!

    Pastor Mary Jo

  4. Bob Flaherty

    Dear Mr. Hewitt,

    I am the Director of Faith Formation at St. Peter Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. I just came across your beautiful work “When the day of Pentecost came.” Next Sunday, June 8th, is Pentecost Sunday. I am writing to ask if our parish may reproduce your drawing on the cover of our bulletin for June 8th. It is perfect and I know our parishioners would love it. Thank you for sharing your faith through your art. Sincerely, Bob Flaherty

  5. Mark Post author

    G’Day bob, sorry for not replying earlier. Of course you may use my work. Only need to attribute my work. blessings. Mark

  6. Br. Aelred Senna, OSB

    Dear Mr. Hewitt,
    I am Br. Aelred Senna, OSB. I am the associate editor of Give Us This Day (, published by Liturgical Press ( We are interested in using an image of yours in the upcoming July 2018 issue of the publication. The piece is 5 Loaves, 2 Fish. We are seeking your permission for the usage, and I would be delighted to share further information / details with you when we are able to establish a regular email correspondence. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!
    Br. Aelred Senna, OSB
    Give Us This Day
    Liturgical Press
    Collegeville, MN USA

  7. Mark Post author

    Yes of course you may use my work, so sorry for delay in responding.
    This web site has been overlooked of late as I’ve concentrated on other work.



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