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Magi have arrived

Magi & their transport have arrived at the Christchild.

The Magi arrived at th e beginning of Advent and were situated inside the doors as people arrived for worship over the season they moved around th eworship space until they arrived at the Christchild on Christmas day. Although it was explained that being true to the narrative they would not arrive until epiphany some weeks later. The cutouts used had the year before been different characters in the Nativity. (see earlier post)
Christmas Yr A.

A cast of thousands, well not quite.

Nativity tableau.  Created by Mark Hewitt, Jane Horgan & Anne Hewitt.

Mary with infant Jesus & Shepherds in background.

Shepherds with angels in the background.

A flat pac nativity. Each week over Advent as the story unfolded a life size tablaue grew week by week out th efront of the worship space. Beginning with Mary & Elizabeth. Each week a member of the congregation was traced onto a large sheet of paper, their shape cutout of mdf board, a piece of fabric creatively added that refelcted who they were and a scene set reflective that part of the narrative. We started with 2 life size characters at the beginning of Advent to complete the scene on Christmas Day with 13 life size characters, all traced around members of the congregation. Each week the congregation intently studied each character to determine who of those gathered was it based upon.
Yr C

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, Mark Hewitt 2008, Paper, 1500x 2500mm.

In Luke’s account of the birth nativity narrative the Archangel Gabriel is busy letting the women know that they are pregnant. First Elizabeth then Mary. Gabriel is a messenger of great news and so watched over us the whole Advent, Christmas season.
Advent Yr B / Yr C.

Christchild through a window

Christchild  through a window, Mark Hewitt, Dec 1996. Mixed media, corrugated iron, wood, cotton, silver gelatine photographs, oil paint.

Luke’s account of the birth is simply put ‘And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger’ Luke 2:7 NRSV. This Christchild is set in an Australian setting as if looking into a shed through a window. This setting could be urban or rural as corrugated iron clad sheds are found in both. The Christchild is wrapped in a flour bag placed on a potato sack as Luke presents the Christ as food for the world.