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Through the Waters

‘Through The Waters’, paper, silver gelatine, pencil, Mark Hewitt 1997

washing – pebbles
water that is gentle but strong enough to shape these stones,
move them, shake them, remake them.
Constant action, cleansing, washed as pebbles
washed as ‘grains of sand’ we descendants of Abraham.
Washed and make clean all over.
deliverance – waves
Imagine the waves of Boomer Beach
They come with such force you have to judge when to dive in & through the wave Jumping out of the other side taking a deep breath as you break the water’s surface Joyous at being alive. If you got it wrong you would have been dumped on the Sea floor. That’s the breaking though the water – Being delivered.
We enter into Christ’s baptism – into his dying and rising back to life.
This is coming through the waters.A deep peace can be found in the water of Christ.
Colours of blue = compassion, visualised in the cross.
– pearl
Having come through the waters
We are reborn –
Pearl is an ancient symbol of rebirth
Thing of beauty coming from an oyster shell.
How does this rebirth take shape?
Imagine the grain of sand overtime layer by layer the grain of sand with its own beauty
is transformed by “mother of pearl’ where again like the pebbles on the beach
have the abrasive edges worn down and they become smooth & now rich with colour.

Washing of these waters brings healing.Past is left behind. It is not a once off.
We each have one ritual baptism But the action of it is continual.
God washes us regularly.
If we allow it, every time you sea bathe or are drenched with rain or shower
God washes & heals – Every day is a new day – we are made clean & new.