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One with God

Connection, pen on paper, Mark A Hewitt September 2012.

Being anchored in God, one with God. A visual poem about self working down the tree and being anchored in God. This poem was created at a workshop titled ‘sanctuary’, a workshop about worship with Trish Watts & Tony Hole.
Penecost 16 Yr B

Prayer Tree

Prayer Tree during Advent 2007 at Spicer uniting Church St Peters South Australia.

Each week over the Advent season people wrote their prayers onto shapes that were added to the tree. Each week a different focus for the prayer & a different shape & colour. Each week the tree grew in its fullness & richness.
Yr A / Yr C

River Red Gum

River Red Gum, Mark Hewitt, 1996
Paper, gelatin silver, pencil, acrylic, wood, aerial photograph, topographical map. 930W x 880mmH

There are so many layers to Country. River Red Gum is a visual depiction of those layers. A piece completed after doing a course on aboriginal spirituality with Dr Anne Patel Gray. When this was first exhibited A Aboriginal elder from a people who’s land covers the flinders ranges came up to me a said he knows that tree.
This tree can be found by a walk thorough Sacred Canyon in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. You climb out and on a bank in the middle with a creeek bed running either side is where this River Red Gum is to be found.

There are many layers it illustrate beauty in this piece. Western ways – photography – collage & drawing – aerial map & photo pinpointing tree. Indigenous ways – the frame representing connecting between heaven & earth – Song line – campfire
Each layer in itself is beautiful & together is a rich beauty.

This country has multiple layers of beauty. Scripture like our country has multiple layers With different ways of seeing. A Christian Aboriginal theology, enables another way of seeing.