A cast of thousands, well not quite.

Nativity tableau.  Created by Mark Hewitt, Jane Horgan & Anne Hewitt.

Mary with infant Jesus & Shepherds in background.

Shepherds with angels in the background.

A flat pac nativity. Each week over Advent as the story unfolded a life size tablaue grew week by week out th efront of the worship space. Beginning with Mary & Elizabeth. Each week a member of the congregation was traced onto a large sheet of paper, their shape cutout of mdf board, a piece of fabric creatively added that refelcted who they were and a scene set reflective that part of the narrative. We started with 2 life size characters at the beginning of Advent to complete the scene on Christmas Day with 13 life size characters, all traced around members of the congregation. Each week the congregation intently studied each character to determine who of those gathered was it based upon.
Yr C

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