Bronze Coins

Bronze Coins, Mark A Hewitt
The widow places all she has 2 small coins for the temple tresurery. These 1 & 2 cent coins are the smallest currency in Australia, so small are their value that they are no longer in circulation.  Mark 12:38-44 Pentecost 24 Yr B

We colour our heart

Coloured hearts, Mark A Hewitt 2012

Coloured paper squares were poured then mixed in a basket during the call to worship. The more adgile children of God took these pieces of paper and laminated them & cut them into hearts in the middle of the worship space during the service. They were then given to all present in exchange for their prayer for others written on another but larger coloured square. Pentecost 23 Yr B

One with God

Connection, pen on paper, Mark A Hewitt September 2012.

Being anchored in God, one with God. A visual poem about self working down the tree and being anchored in God. This poem was created at a workshop titled ‘sanctuary’, a workshop about worship with Trish Watts & Tony Hole.
Penecost 16 Yr B

Cups, pots & kettles

Cups, pots & kettles. Mark A Hewitt 2012

Cups, pots & kettles ready to be washed. Jesus ministry and teaching was deep and meaningful yet his critics  kept with small minded things like the washing of cups, pots and kettles. Things have not changed as we are often caught up dealing with small minded issues when we are dealing with the big questions of life. Mk 7:4.
Mark 7:1-8,14-15, 21-23.   Pentecost 14 Yr B

How lovely is your dwelling place

Cottage at Mintaro, South Australia. 2005 Mark A Hewitt

‘How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts!’ Psalm 84:1 (NRSV) God’s dwelling place may be our hope, our final destination although it is also all around us, a place of comfort on life’s journey.
Petecost 13 Yr B  Psalm 84