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Followers of ‘The Way’ gather

Followers of ‘The Way’ gather, Mark A Hewitt, Pastel & Pen, 25 May 2012

Acts 1:15 In those days Peter stood up amoung the believers, together the crowd numbered about one hundred and twenty persons ……
The followers of Jesus continued to meet over a number of days after the Ascension.
You get the idea of them coming and going. Doing what they need and then returning to the gathered community. A bit like a church camp.A fluid movement of people.
Easter 7 Yr B


Fish & Pita bread

Fish & Pita, Mark Hewitt, April 2012. Pastel 290W x 210H.

The post resurrection story of Luke 24:41,42. Where Jesus appears to the disciples, shows his hands & feet then eats broiled (chargrilled) fish. This brings an intimacy & the cultural obligations of hospitality to the narrative. The illustration has Tilapia, the fresh water fish of the sea of Galillee & pita bread with wine.
Easter 3 Yr B

Boys Board

‘Boys Board’  Found objects, copper wire, wood. Mark Hewitt 2011

I’m a bit of a collector and all these things were found lying around my shed. I had a few days between placements. Moving from a heritage listed church & office to a 4 year old modern ministry centre. This board hangs in my office bringing a bit of old into the new.